About the Dirty Talk Game Show

Dirty Talk Game Show Premiere Night

The Dirty Talk Game Show is a fun night where we bring you four naughty-tongued panelists to fight the clock to say just the right thing, before the other panelists steal the clock from them and finish it up right.

In turn each naughty panelist is given a topic to talk for sixty seconds with repeating themselves, pausing too long, or deviating from the subject (They can be deviants, they just can’t deviate from the subject). If they do any of that, the other panelists pounce and steal the timer and finish it out. The winner with the most naughty points will be crowned the Filthiest Mouth in San Francisco.  

Join us to cheer on your favorite panelist!

About Psychokitty and Friends

Dirty Talk Game Show Psychokitty Ryan Galiotto

The Dirty Talk Game Show is brought to you by Psychokitty and his wonderful friends.

Psychokitty, aka Ryan Galiotto, is a performance artist, MC, and event producer transplanted from Chicago’s Improv community to the Bay area. He has performed around the world from Osaka, Japan to Dublin, Ireland and many places in between including hosting Shibaricon since 2010, and is one of the co-founders of Wicked Grounds Cafe in San Francisco.

The Dirty Talk Game Show was first conceived at Dark Odyssey: Surrender in 2012.